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Medicare Supplement Plans In Ct

Its Not Easy Finding The Best Medicare Supplement Plans In Ct 2018

My goal is to try to help retirees of Ct find the best Medicare Supplement plans Ct has to offer. The first thing to note is that Connecticut is unique with how they offer medigap plans in ct. They do not underwrite plans like they do in other states. Most states you have to answer around 15 or so health questions if you are out of your guarantee or qualifying period. This is not true here in Ct for Medicare Supplement plans. In this article I would like to cover the following topics.

  • Qualifications for Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Community Ratings For Medicare Supplement Plans
  • How To Switch From One Medicare Supplement Plan To Another

So To Begin Talking About Qualifications For Medigap Plans In Ct-Lets Take A Look At Basic Medicare!

First off to qualify for a Medicare Supplement Plan in Ct, you must have Medicare Part A and also be enrolled in Part B of Medicare. Now most people think that you have to be 65 or older to qualify to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan in Connecticut. However this is simply not so! You can be under 65 and still qualify for a medigap plan in ct. You must however be disabled, be on medicare, due to a qualifying condition. Once these terms are met, then people under 65 in ct can qualify for a medicare supplement plan.

They are, however limited to Medicare plans A, B, or C. You can refer to the charts below to see what each plan covers. As you can see from the chart Medicare plan C is the most comprehensive plan. It covers your part A deductible, part B deductible, part A and B coinsurance and a whole lot more. This is not to say that plans A or B are bad choices, its just to point out that Medicare Plan C in Connecticut or the rest of the country covers the most comprehensive for people under 65 and on Medicare. Now people over 65 are also eligible for these plans, however rates may not be the best for them depending on what state that you live in. You need to check with your medicare agent to see if plans F, N, Or G may be more affordable in your state.

So What Are the Best Medicare Supplement Plans For People Over 65 In Ct?

Essentially and again I can’t stress this enough, the best medigap plan in ct is the one the you can afford at the time you need it. Anyone over 65 in Connecticut and on Medicare is eligible for any Medicare Supplement plan A through N. Now as we mentioned earlier A,B, and, C anyone is eligible to enroll in as long as you have Parts A and B of Medicare. Now in the state of Connecticut, plans A, B, and C, tend to run a little higher in premium than some other comparable plans with more benefits.

Believe it or not Medicare supplement plan F tends to be cheaper than plan C for almost all companies. Yes that is true. I am not going to explain how or why, I am just going to give you the simple facts, but plan F for medicare supplement plans tends to run about 40 or dollars less than plan C. So take it for what its worth and if you can afford it, then Medicare Plan F in Connecticut is the way to go. The reason being is that it covers the part A deductible for hospitals, it also covers the co pays for skilled nursing, it covers the part b deductible, which includes any dr visits, outpatients services, x rays, blood work, outpatient surgeries, specialists visits,copays for rehab,durable medical equipment, part b excess and a whole lot more.

Medicare supplement plan F in Connecticut or any other state is the most comprehensive of all medicare supplement plans available. By the way medicare supplement plans cover the entire United States. There is no network with Medicare Supplement plans, as long as the doctor or facility accepts Medicare, then they will accept a Medicare supplement plan. This is unlike Medicare Advantage Plans or what is know as Part C of Medicare. Most of those are network based meaning you have to see a doctor or a participating hospital within the network. This is not a bad thing, as most states now have a wide variety of networks for doctors, specialists, and outpatient facilities. Its just something to be aware of when comparing plans.

Let’s Talk About Some Other Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut!

There are a few other Medicare supplement plans in ct that people may not be aware of and that is Medicare supplement plan G and Medicare Supplement Plan N. Medicare supplement plan N in ct came about a few years ago, and has really made an impact on the way that medicare eligibles in ct choose their Medicare supplement plans. For instance plan N is roughly $100 dollars less per month than a Medicare plan F policy in Connecticut. Many retirees like the savings and also the peace of mind knowing that they have good medicare benefits for much less premium. However Medicare Beneficiaries in Ct must remember that there a few gaps in medicare supplement plan n. First they must realize that they still have to pay the part B deductible every year.

They also must realize that they may be responsible for up to $20 dollar copay for doctor or therapy visits. Lastly Medicare eligibles in Ct must realize that they may have to pay the part B excess charge for expenses. This is when doctors reserve the right to charge up to 15 percent over what Medicare approves for visits. While it may not be a big amount, it is still something to keep in mind. I always remind everyone to try to keep the premium savings in mind to try to offset some of these potential copays for their medicare supplement plans.

Lastly let us not forget about Medicare Supplement Plan G newly approved in Ct. Plan G is similar to supplement plan F. However the difference is that Medicare plan G insureds, must pay the part B deductible each year. Beyond that the plans are identical in most states. The big difference is that premium wise, medicare supplement plan G is usually much cheaper than plan F. So much so that, even when you factor in the part b deductible for plan G, it still comes out ahead of plan F. So depending on your state, it may be worthwhile to take a look at Medicare Supplement plan G if you are considering looking at a Medigap Plan in Ct or in other states.

Anyway this concludes our session of Medicare Supplement Plans In Ct. Hopefully you got something out of it and it was worth you time. As always if you have any questions feel free to give me a call.

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