What Are The Best Medicare Plans in Ct- How Do They Work

Welcome to our page about medicare plans in ct. I hope that you can find everything that you are looking for! My name is Rob and I have been a licensed agent in insurance for nearly 20 years now. I started out in the retiree/medicare market way back in the day. I enjoy working with retirees and that is why I stuck with it. I am well versed in medicare plans in ct, medicare supplement plans, and long term care insurance plans in ct. I also work with life insurance and annuities for people in Connecticut! Today we will focus on what type of medicare plans in ct are available to residents in CT!

What Medicare Plans in Ct Are Available To Residents?

First off residents of Connecticut have a variety of medicare plans available to them. Retirees on medicare in Connecticut can enroll in straight Medicare, enroll in medicare supplement plans, can enroll in medicare advantage plans, or can enroll in part d plans only. During the course of this article and page we will discuss the varying options that residents of ct have to enroll in medicare plans in ct! We will also try to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each plan and why one may be more suitable than the other!

How Does Straight Medicare in Ct Work

If you have watched any of my other training videos you may have noted that you can enroll in parts A and B of Medicare when you first turn 65 or eligible to sign up. Some people under 65 who have a qualifying disability and who are on social security may also sign up for medicare. In any event there are many qualifying factors for signing up with medicare and you can always check out this link for more info. For now we are going to assume that you are eligible for medicare and that you have both A and B of Medicare. Now you can certainly get by with just medicare alone. Let’s look at a broad overview if just have medicare. If you went into the hospital you are going to have a deductible of $1316 when you enter the hospital (each benefit period). If you stay longer than the allotted amount of days then you will enter into your life time reserve days. However this is few and far between. Most of the time if you are in the hospital and you have a serious condition, once stabilized they will move you into skilled nursing. Under Medicare you will receive 100 days under this allotment. You will not be charged for the first 20 days, after that however you will pay a co-pay of 155 dollars per day. Once this is exhausted then you will have to pay all costs for skilled nursing or nursing home benefits. This is where long term care insurance comes into play in Connecticut.

Part B of Medicare Plans in Ct

Let’s take a look at part b of medicare in ct. If you have to go to a doctor for other than preventive services, then you will be subject to a 183 dollar deductible once per year. After that you will pay 80/20 percent co-insurance. So for example once your deductible is met, you will have to pay 20 percent of the bill, while medicare pays the other 80 percent. This doesn’t sound so bad if you just visit the doctors every now and again, however if you have a chronic condition- bills can add up very quickly. If you have to have outpatient surgery or services, then this could also get very costly. More and more surgeries are being placed on an outpatient basis. So, many people are not being admitted as an inpatient anymore. Originally part A of medicare would cover these services and recoveries, you would only pay the part A deductible. Now outpatient surgeries and services fall under the 20 percent deductible. So people don’t really know what they will be paying. They could be paying 20 percent of a 20,000 dollar bill or $4,000 dollars for these services. Again these are just examples,but realistic ones. Lastly if you need durable medical equipment, again you will be on the hook for 20 percent of these services! Lastly everybody should enroll in a Medicare Part D plan as well. You should enroll in a medicare part d plan when you first become eligible or you drop your credible coverage as soon as possible. While you are allowed a small enrollment period window to get a part d plan, you may get assessed a penalty if you do not. For every month that you do not have ¬†a medicare part d plan, you could get charged 1 percent of the national average of premiums for every month that you do not have a plan. Many people do not realize how quickly this can add up. There are only certain times and open enrollment periods where you can get into these plans. So if you get locked out, you may have to wait a full year before enrolling in a medicare part D plan. That 1 percent per month can add up quickly. Even if it ends up being (for example 8 dollars) a month. That is an extra $96 dollars per year that you have to pay in penalty- that you would not have had to otherwise. Again this is just an example I am using from one of my clients. ¬†However make sure that you enroll or have a compatible part D plan at all times while on Medicare.

So Let’s Take a Look At a Few Options Of Medicare Plans In Ct

As an enrollee in Medicare plans in ct. You have a variety of options open to you beyond just Medicare. First you could take straight medicare part A and opt to enroll in Part B. You could enroll in part A and part B of medicare. Lastly you could enroll in Medicare part A and part B, as well as a standalone part D plan. One of the more popular options is to enroll in a medicare supplement plan in ct to help plug the gaps in parts A and B. Many people look at these plans because they realize the expensive deductibles and holes in original Medicare. Many do not want to pay the deductibles and 20 percent they may be responsible for should they utilize services. Medicare supplement plans come in a variety of options and flavors. Lets take a look below! By the way folks I have two websites this site for local Ct residents and then I also have www.medicare.news for national coverage. You will see me mention it in the video below. You can contact me at either site, it doesn’t really matter. Just wanted to let you all know!