You have turned 65. You are Medicare eligible. Now what?

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Your Health Insurance and Medicare

What to Do When You Turn 65

The following also applies if you become Medicare-eligible because of Social Security disability.

  • Three to four months before you reach the age of 65, call or visit your nearest Social Security office, 800-772-1213, to file for Medicare Parts A and B.
  • You must enroll in both Medicare Parts A and B unless you are covered by a working person’s health plan. Part A is for hospital-related expenses and is free. Part B is medical coverage and there is a monthly premium. The UFT-RTC successfully achieved full reimbursement of your Medicare Part B costs after many years of lobbying, thanks to our political clout and COPE contributions.
  • As soon as you or your spouse/domestic partner receive your Medicare card, notify the New York City Employee Health Benefits Unit in writing (address given on the next page) of your Medicare eligibility and request that your coverage be adjusted accordingly. Enclose a copy of your Medicare card.
  • Check whether your current health plan will continue to fit your needs after you receive Medicare. HIP members must enroll in HIP VIP, and GHI-CBP members will be switched to GHI-CBP Senior Care. If you wish to change plans, you can do so during the usual transfer period in even-numbered years, or you may exercise your one-time-only choice to change plans at any time if you are retired for at least one year and have not exercised it previously.

Sample Letter
Your address
The date

NYC Employee Health Benefits Dept.
40 Rector St., 3rd fl.
New York, NY 10006
Re: Medicare Eligibility

Dear Sir:

I am enclosing a copy of my Medicare card, showing both Parts A and B. I will become eligible for Medicare on ___. Please update my health plan records.


Print Name
Social Security #


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