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Growing up, my mom lived in a small town and had nine siblings. She always wanted to move to a big city but never had the chance. So when I moved to New York City after college, she loved to visit.
When I would go to work, my mom would explore the city for hours and hours.

Then every night at dinner, she shared her exciting adventures of the Big Apple. My then 58-year-old mom shared her busy day of shopping, celebrity sightings, and museums. To ensure she could get everything in, she would quickly walk down busy sidewalks and run across crosswalks as the crosswalk signal started to blink red.

I loved how active and adventurous she was on her visits.

But I remember a few years ago she visited me and the scariest thing happened.

My mom showed up and had so much back pain; she could hardly walk a block. It seemed like overnight she went from out-walking me to being somewhat crippled.

We knew she had back issues from a car wreck, but it seemed like doctors weren’t able to help her. She spent months going to different doctors to get different opinions. We were always optimistic at first but disappointed in the lack of results.

But one day, everything changed.

My mom’s friend recommended a back specialist who was known as a miracle worker. At first, we were skeptical of such a thing since nothing else had worked, but my mom made an appointment with this new doctor to get yet another opinion.

She went to the doctor with her scans and medical history, curious to see his take on her situation. After a long session, he recommended surgery. He explained that the operation had an 80 percent success rate.

When she first told me about the surgery, it scared me. It was relatively dangerous and required a long recovery, but she decided to take a chance on it and thank goodness she did.

This doctor and his surgery were exactly what she needed! Within weeks she went from barely walking and constant pain, to be able to hustle around town.

I only wish we had found this doctor sooner.

This experience reminded me it’s critical is to find the expert to solve your essential problem. She had been to people who “knew how backs worked” and possible treatments, but it took going to an actual back expert who specialized in her situation to get the results we wanted.

Medicare is very similar. Many people are in pain when trying to figure out how to make the right Medicare decision. There are many people out there who know things about Medicare, but most people trying to “help” you with Medicare are getting paid commissions to sell you insurance products.

Like my mom’s incredible back doctor specialist, the Medicare Coach is the best when it comes to Medicare.

People like you turn to the Medicare Coach because they want the best. They don’t want to be sold into the wrong plan that happens to pay an insurance person the highest commission. They want the plan that is best for their healthcare and their savings.

So many people tell me, “if only I had known about you when I first joined Medicare. You could have made the decision process so much easier and helped me avoid unknowing make a costly mistake.”

Medicare is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The Medicare Coach is here to help you make the right decision that it is in your best interest.

With Medicare Coach, you’ll get personalized support to guide you through every step of your Medicare decision.

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