Meet Ann Who Spent Months Research Medicare

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Every day speak to amazing people all across the country wanting to do the right thing with Medicare.

Up to this point, most of you have had health insurance through an employer. Your employer has specialists who have narrowed down the best options and negotiated prices. They’ve done the heavy lifting.

So when you get to Medicare, it’s all-new. No one has narrowed down the options, so you have a seemingly unending list of options of companies and plans. You are now in charge of doing the research and sorting through the noise to decide which fits you best.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to Ann. She left a successful career, and before joining Medicare, she spent months talking to insurance companies, the Social Security office, and her friends to make her decision. She did one-on-one meetings with agents, she went to the insurance company lunches and even attended group classes at her local Medicare resources.

Then she found the Medicare Coach.

Ann shared with me:

“I’ve been to everyone, and you know this the best. I wish I found you earlier so you could have saved me time and put my mind at ease sooner. You know what questions to ask, and I even tested you on some of the information I found to be unique, and you knew it all!”

I love helping people with Medicare. I love assisting people in ensuring they get unbiased advice to make the right decision for them easily. With the thousands of options and reams of rules, I love that we get to help you take the easiest way possible through.

I’ve spent years putting together the best program possible. If you want our help easily making the right Medicare decision, I welcome you to join our Medicare Enrollment Concierge program so we can help you through the entire process.

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