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No emails with questions, so it appears I’ll have to create a few of my own to get this conversation underway.

  1. It’s all so confusing! How do you keep up with all the changes?
  2. This actually comes from my own thoughts before I decided to pursue a Life/Health license for myself. When turning 65, we all receive a boat load of fliers, brochures and all sorts of advertising from multiple companies telling us to “Call OUR 800#”. In fact, that’s exactly what yours truly did back in the day. Needless to say, the results were not what I was looking for to insure my health needs into the future. The 800 number landed me into something I did not know existed and was certainly not what was wanted. The good news is that these events led me to seeking out an agency appointment and has brought about tremendous rewards for just HELPING others to understand the many different ways our Medicare programs can provide just the plan/cost we are seeking.
  3. Why are there so many choices?
  4. 4) This is a good thing! While it is easier to choose between a Chevy and a Cadillac than the hundreds of vehicle types out there today, we all like to decide what makes us happy and, by the way, what we can afford! What you do need is someone to help you best understand the pros and cons of the various products available. When deciding on an agent to assist you in this journey, you should keep in mind the more options presented to you, the better your chance of getting the plan that best suits your needs and pocketbook.
  5. I just moved to the White Mountains. Will my current plan cover me up here?
  6. Excellent question! There are two answers that stand out, so let’s look at both of them.
  7. A) Supplements: These plans are good where ever you move. However, should you be coming from a more expensive ZIP Code, you may want to see if there are more affordable plans in our area. Remember that the Plans provide the same coverage by type, the only difference being the premium and the company name. Since rates are calculated by ZIP Code, you may find our mountain retreat has better rates! A quick call could save you hundreds of dollars per year. Do yourself a favor and shop.
  8. B) Medicare Advantage Plans: It is most likely that these plans will need changing. Once you notify Social Security of your permanent change of address, you will be given a termination letter from your current MA-PD company. It is best to give notice early in the month as the policy will be terminated the last day of the month notified. The earlier the notice, the more time you have to assure you have continuous coverage. You should also find a local agent to assist you unless your current agent is licensed in Arizona and has access to all the plans in our area. An additional benefit in relocation is that a termination letter from any carrier may create a “Guaranteed Issue” opportunity should there have been a change in one’s overall health and a more comprehensive plan be desirable.
  9. How often and when can I change my coverage?
  10. A) Supplements: Once a month IF you have no pre-existing conditions that prevent companies from accepting you. As some companies have less restrictive criteria, you may have more opportunities than you may think. You should discuss your coverage every two to three years with your agent so as to feel comfortable you have the best deal for your money.
  11. B) Medicare Advantage Plans: These plans are generally restricted to the AEP (Annual Election Period – October 15 to December 7). There are also SEPs (Special Election Periods) that may apply due to relocation, change in financial status, loss of other insurance, or moving in or out of a longterm care facility. Again, any such change or anticipated change should be discussed with your agent.
  12. Hopefully, these examples will encourage many of you to send your
  13. own questions and concerns about Medicare products, plans and regulations. As Medicare recipients,
  14. we owe it to ourselves to understand these excellent insurance plans. Please feel free to email specific questions you would like answered in following write ups to: Or give me a call at: 928-245-1388.

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