Life-changing event may lower Medicare premiums

Life-changing event may lower Medicare premiums

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Q: I just retired when I turned 66. I have been receiving Medicare Parts B and D, and my premiums are higher since I was making $225,000 a year at my job. This year I’m filing a joint return with my wife and only going to take out $100,000 from my IRA. Is there a way to get my Medicare premiums lowered now? – D.B., Altamonte Springs

A: Perhaps. If you have a qualifying life-changing event, you can fill out Form SSA-44 stating that your income has reduced. You can mail the form or walk it into your local Social Security office. If your adjusted gross income and tax-exempt interest combined are less than $170,000 for 2019, then your premiums will be reduced. -Tommy Lucas

Q: What is the best way to leave money to my grandkids to help them after they get out of college? - P.L., Sanford

A: Since you don’t know when you will pass away, you have to assume that could be now or much later. Given that the grandchildren are minors, you should consider a trust as part of your estate plan. I suggest you contact an estate planning attorney to discuss how best to include them. - Chris Toadvine

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