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What You Need to Know About Medicare Advantage Plans In 2020?

Hi I’m Robert Billings and I am the creator of Life Solutions Ct. In this article we’ll go over one of the biggest questions I get from many of my customers all the time; and that is what is better for me a Medicare supplement plan or Medicare Advantage plan. Toward the end of the article we’ll go over how you can get help to choose the best plan for your specific needs. When I’m helping a senior find the best plan for their specific needs, the first thing that we do is help them decide whether they want a Medicare supplement plan or Medicare Advantage plan in ct, and there are four main factors that help us decide that. The first thing that we look at is the availability and the quality of the plans in the area, what I mean by quality is the cost of the plan compared to the benefits that they give. Many counties in the country have both Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans available to them, but there are also a lot of counties that don’t have any Medicare Advantage plans available to them, or the costs of those plans are too high; if the cost is getting higher closer to $100 or more per month in those counties the Medicare supplement plan is a better option, and in some areas of the country the Medicare Advantage plans are very low cost as low as zero monthly cost, and give very good coverage, for example Los Angeles County in California has a Medicare Advantage plans I have zero monthly cost, and then zero co-pays for doctors, zero hospital stays, zero outpatient surgery.

So, those plans can be a very good option compared to some of the high cost of Medicare supplement plans in those areas. So, it’s very important to compare the medicare supplement plans to the cost in the quality of the Medicare Advantage plans in the area. The second factor we look at is your current health situation. If you already have a lot of health issues it might be a good idea to start out with a Medicare supplement plan, because in the future if you need one you may not be able to qualify, this is because if you’re applying for a Medicare supplement plan outside of your open enrollment period when you go on Medicare or turn 65 then you have to answer health questions to be able to get on to a Medicare supplement plan in most cases. The third factor in determining which is better for you a Medicare supplement plan or Medicare Advantage plan is your financial situation.

In a lot of cases people seniors especially are on low fixed incomes and if it’s low enough then a Medicare supplement plan can make you choose between your health care coverage and eating and you don’t want to be in that situation. So, if your income is very very low, a lot of times people will go with a Medicare Advantage plan, because the premiums are very low on those plans, you still have co-pays and that kind of thing a lot of times, but the monthly cost is easier to handle; then on the other hand if it is affordable to you you can go with a Medicare supplement plan as opposed to a Medicare Advantage plan, if those plans aren’t good enough for you in your area.

The fourth thing that we look at when you’re turning 65 are going on Medicare and need help choosing a Medicare supplement plan or Medicare Advantage plan believe it or not is personal preference. I have many people that make more than $80,000 a year, but they would still rather pay zero monthly cost and go with a Medicare Advantage plan, because they’re healthy and they’ve never been sick before, and as much as I try to tell them differently they’ll go with the Medicare Advantage plan, even though you never know what’s going to happen in the future. So, they may need a Medicare supplement later, but they’d rather go for the Medicare Advantage plan now to save the monthly premiums; then on the other side of things I have people on very low income that would typically not be able to afford a Medicare supplement plan, but they’d rather have one anyway. So, they don’t have to pay any co-pays coinsurance or anything like that depending on the plan that you’re on of course. If you’re one of the thousands of people turning 65 and going on Medicare every single day and you’re getting mailings and phone calls and people knocking at your door and you don’t know what to do with all this information, we have Medicare saving solutions are a Medicare health insurance agency and in and Medicare and health insurance agency and we represent all the top plans and all the top companies to help people find the best plans for their specific needs.

We first narrow down whether or not a Medicare supplement plan or a Medicare Advantage plan might be best for you, and then from there we help you decide which plan in those categories might be best for you. We do this by taking it to account your overall situation, that’s your health situation, your financial situation, your doctors hospitals, prescription drugs and much more our services that are provided are completely unbiased and at no cost to you. We just want to help you find the best plan for your specific needs. If you’d like free help you can call us anytime at: 1-800-384-5925 or fill in the contact form. .

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